I'm still not too elite for a picture post.

The last week of my life was the best week of my life.
Staying out till 5:30 in the morning to watch a sunrise with my best friend, froliking around in a park with some of the most hillarious people in the world, playing in the water at the legislature, walks, ice cream... skipping work...

These are the best days of our lives.

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I'm tired of bullshit.
I'm tired of feeling like there is something wrong with me because no one wants to stick around.
I'm tired of the games that make me overanalyze any converstaion, any motion, any tone of voice and any hug.
I'm tired of making myself feel guilty because I'm moving on.

Ugh, time to clean house. My baggage is mounting up again.
But in other news, I hate being single. It's not that I need a relationship to be happy, but it certainly helps. I miss feeling close with someone.

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I really, really hate when you call to ask a very important question, and after twenty minutes of waiting to hear which number you should press, you end up being more frustrated than you were prior to the whole experience.... and you STILL don't know what the fuck is going on.

So, this toast is for you, University of Alberta.
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So. Yes, yesterday I did hurt my toe badly. Yes I did get super tanked. Yes I did go home by 12.
It was lame and I was sad that I fucked up my own birthday... but those three hours of unadultered glory were good times.
Now I'm left with a tensor bandage on my foot, a big gross purple bruise on my toe and a hangover the size of missouri.

But, corey looked fantastic

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Yesterday was one of the most fun, most hillariously awesome and generally good nights.
To quote a certain Paul "it was a happy monday!"

The strokes concert was a great concert. They sounded awesome live and I had a good time. My shoes actually survived the crowds and the jerks rushing in. That really irritates me... especially when people are coming out of the crowds. There's no reason to be an asshole and shove your way out of there. People will move for you. I couldn't count on both my hands, the amounts of times that some jerkoff violently shoved me into someone so they could get through. In other news, I won myself a drink for petting this 15 year old boy without a shirt on. Corey grabbed him and he thought I did it... then Kerri grabbed his ass and he thought I did it as well. I was like "nono no I only rubbed your shoulders"

If you wear no shirt in a pit... you're gonna get groped (he had INCREDIBLY soft skin btw)

The after party was great. We went to get popsicles however, there was only one so I made out with an oreo ice cream sammich. We got to halo and it was instant good times. I love that place oh so very much. Needless to say, good times were had by all, and Corey danced a lot more this time. Then out of nowhere, the mega old handshake came out. I can't even remember when and where and who that was started by.... but it had to be like, at least a year ago.

But other Mike and I were texting back and forth all night and the one that made me smile will be saved in my folder.
I haven't felt so good in my skin in a while.
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So yesterday was a blast and a half.
The hockey game was a slamming sucess, and we partied with people on the train because our travels brought us together. It was amazing. Halo was a lot of fun, I got to see a bunch of people I haven't seen in a while, most importantly, Myron. I also got felt up by a drunken Brian Trann, which was slightly awkward. In other news, Corey and Tony made the trek out, which honestly... surprised me greatly that they actually can. Tony turned out to be the hit with my friends. Either way, I had a great time with my favorite people. And they gave me the strokes tickets, so for a bit of connection-luck-fortune, I did end up going to the strokes afterall.

After halo, Mike, Nicole, Amanda, Ryan and I went to Richie's place where I fell asleep and everyone else talked. We left there around 5... and it was funny to come home when the sun was coming up. I slept and was woken up by my cell phone. After that, Amanda and I went to West Ed for birfday shopping. I picked up a sexy/swanky black dress that I need to tape my boobs in for that "just in case" situation. We counted all the tourists, in the end we had a grand total of 46. Such good times. I also got my times for orientation at work. aka tomorrow. So that means no Jasper for me. Which sucks. This is the second trip to jasper I'm missing out on. I just want to see the mountains.

Anyways, I need to make plans to do something. Tis bored.

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Yesterday: Quite possibly the best night of my life. Hockey... uniting fans since, forever. Dancing in the streets, high fives, random strangers and cheer-songs on the train. So much fun I couldn't even sleep.
Cute boys : "Hey ladies... where are you going?"
Us : "HOME.". That was a "lol" moment for sure.

Tomorrow: Debauchery with best friends in the world. And Blue Jay ♥

P.S. I got a new job. I'm excited as shit on a stick.

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ok, i'm really starting to crave it.
which is weird, cause i never really did before.
but seriously.
i need some sex.
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