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Yesterday was one of the most fun, most hillariously awesome and generally good nights.
To quote a certain Paul "it was a happy monday!"

The strokes concert was a great concert. They sounded awesome live and I had a good time. My shoes actually survived the crowds and the jerks rushing in. That really irritates me... especially when people are coming out of the crowds. There's no reason to be an asshole and shove your way out of there. People will move for you. I couldn't count on both my hands, the amounts of times that some jerkoff violently shoved me into someone so they could get through. In other news, I won myself a drink for petting this 15 year old boy without a shirt on. Corey grabbed him and he thought I did it... then Kerri grabbed his ass and he thought I did it as well. I was like "nono no I only rubbed your shoulders"

If you wear no shirt in a pit... you're gonna get groped (he had INCREDIBLY soft skin btw)

The after party was great. We went to get popsicles however, there was only one so I made out with an oreo ice cream sammich. We got to halo and it was instant good times. I love that place oh so very much. Needless to say, good times were had by all, and Corey danced a lot more this time. Then out of nowhere, the mega old handshake came out. I can't even remember when and where and who that was started by.... but it had to be like, at least a year ago.

But other Mike and I were texting back and forth all night and the one that made me smile will be saved in my folder.
I haven't felt so good in my skin in a while.

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